Mackenyu Arata joined Kento Yamazaki in NTV drama series “Kiss that Kills”

Who would have thought that this bromance is extending from one casting/project to another? Mackenyu Arata has joined Kento Yamazaki yet again in the NTV drama series “Kiss that Kills” with Mugi Kadowaki.

Mackenyu will play the major supporting character, Takauji Namiki, the son of a CEO and he is a figure who holds a key to the story.

Mackenyu’s character is in conflict with Otaro Dojima (Kento Yamazaki) in the story. 

See “Kiss that Kills” in January 2018 in Japan.


TRAILER: “See You Again”

Actress Tiffany Tang Yan (Princess Weiyoung) stars the upcoming drama “See You Again” with  Shawn Dou (Tribes and Empires) and Yang Shuo (Ode to Joy).

“See You Again” is adapted from a novel by Sui Hou Zhu 随侯珠, a story about a 31-year-old woman who travels back in time to fall in love with her future husband all over again.

See You Again 时间都知道 is a 50-episode Chinese romance and is slated to air in 2018 on Beijing TV.

OCN will air drama series “Voice 2” in 2018

OCN recently announced that the network will air sequel drama series “Voice 2” sometime next year in South Korea.  Cast or staff members for the sequel drama series has not yet been decided.

The original “Voice” drama series aired during the winter, 2017 time frame with Jang Hyuk andLee Ha-Na playing the lead characters.

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Kento Yamazaki cast as lead in NTV drama series “Todome no Kiss”

Kento Yamazaki is cast in new NTV drama series “Todome no Kiss.” The drama series is based on an original screenplay by Yoshihiro Izumi.


In the drama series Kento Yamazaki plays popular host Otaro Dojima. Because of a past incident, he believes that love makes people unhappy. He now only pursues money and power.

A mysterious woman appears in front of Otaro Dojima. The mysterious woman has a pale face with red lips. She kisses him and he dies, but the next moment he regains consciousness. He realizes he is now 7 days in the past. The mysterious woman also follows him. Due to her kiss, Otaro Dojima dies and goes back to the past over and over again.


Casting for the female lead will be revealed on November 9th.

“Todome no Kiss” will first air January, 2018 in Japan.

Ha Yeon-Soo offered lead female role in Korean drama remake of “Rich Man, Poor Woman”

Ha Yeon-Soo has been offered to take the lead female role in drama series “Rich Man, Poor Woman.” The drama series is a remake of 2012 Fuji TV drama series “Rich Man, Poor Woman” starring Shun Oguri and Satomi Ishihara.

If Ha Yeon-Soo accepts the offer, she would play a college student who begins working at a company in the IT field. Filming for “Rich Man, Poor Woman” is scheduled to begin December, 2017 in South Korea.

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Netflix drama series “The Town Where Only I Am Missing” released airing date

Netflix new live-action drama series “The Town Where Only I Am Missing” starring Yuki Furukawa released its airing date which is on December 15, 2017. The drama series will be available for streaming in about 190 countries.

“The Town Where Only I Am Missing”  is about Satoru Fujinuma (Yuki Furukawa) who has the special ability of “revival.” His special power allows him to travel back in time before terrible incidents occur and right whichever wrong occurred. He travels back in time continually until the incidents are stopped.

Satoru Fujinuma goes back 18 years ago to find out the person who killed his mother. Satoru Fujinuma is sure that his mother’s death is related with a serial murder case that involved victims being children and occurring 18 years ago.

The film is based on the manga series “Boku Dake ga Inai Machi” by Kei Sanbe which was first published July, 2012 in magazine Young Ace.

‘INFINITE’ member L (Kim Myung-Soo) offered a lead male role in drama series “Ms. Hammurabi”

‘INFINITE’ member L (Kim Myung-Soo) has been offered the lead male role in new law themed drama series “Ms. Hammurabi.” 

The drama series is based on 2015 novel “Ms. Hammurabi” by Moon Yoo-Seok.

L will play Im Ba-Reun, a rookie and individualistic judge who is strictly guided by principles. He tries to make decisions without using personal sympathy.  Although not decided yet, cable channel JTBC is considering airing the drama series in early 2018.

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Kwak Dong-Yeon cast as lead in KBS2 drama special “Slow”

Actor Kwak Dong-Yeon is starred in KBS2 drama special “Slow.”

Kwak Dong-Yeon will play main character Lee Ji-Won, a baseball player for his high school team and he’s dedicated to one thing only: baseball. He has stress that he might not be able to play professionally.

The drama special is the 9th installment in this year’s KBS drama special series and will air October 29, 2017 in South Korea.

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Umika Kawashima cast in Netflix drama series “Hono no Tenkosei: Reborn” + teaser trailer

Netflix is conquering Japanese viewership again!

Upcoming Netflix live-action drama series “Hono no Tenkosei: Reborn” cast Umika Kawashima along with the 7 members of boyband ‘Johnny’s West.’ The seven members include Daiki Shigeoka, Akito Kiriyama, Junta Nakama, Tomohiro Kamiyama, Ryusei Fujii, Takahiro Hamada and Nozomu Kotaki.

In the drama series, Umika Kawashima will play lead female character Hikari. She gives the mission to the 7 guys and infiltrates a high school with the 7 guys. The drama series is based on manga “Hono no Tenkosei” by Kazuhiko Shimamoto and directed by Toshio Lee.

The drama series will premiere on November 10, 2017.

Mone Kamishiraishi, Masato Wada and Gaku Sano as supporting characters for upcoming TBS drama series “Rikuou”

Mone Kamishiraishi, Masato Wada, and Gaku Sano will join the rest of cast of TBS drama series “Rikuou” starring Koji Yakusho, Kento Yamazaki and Ryoma Takeuchi.

Mone Kamishiraishi will play Akane Miyazawa, the daughter of Koichi Miyazawa (Koji Yakusho) and a high school student. Her father attempts to transition his company from a traditional socks company to a sneakers company.

Masato Wada and Gaku Sano will play as Takao Hirase and Naoyuki Kezuka respectively, who are both members of the athletics club.
“Rikuou” will air this coming 15th of October in Japan.