The new live-action film “Honey” starring Sho Hirano and Yuna Taira has recently released its teaser trailer.
The film follows the story of Nao Kogure (Yuna Taira), a shy and cute high school student. One day, Taiga Onise (Sho Hirano) asks her “would you like to date with me on the promise that we will get married?” Nao Kogure is unable to turn down his proposal, because she is scared of him. Taiga has red hair and piercing eyes. His appearance gives off the impression that he is a bad boy, but he is actually considerate to others and good at cooking. After getting to know Taiga Onise, Nao Kogure begins to have feelings for him.
“Honey” is based on manga series “Honey” by Amu Meguro and directed by Koji Shintoku (“Peach Girl“).
“Honey” opens March 31, 2018 in Japan. 


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