Actress Haru Kuroki is cast as the lead actress in upcoming movie “Nichinichikorekojitsu” alongside Kirin Kiki and Mikako Tabe, for supporting roles.

“Nichinichikorekojitsu” follows the story a college age girl named Noriko, played by Haru Kuroki, who begins taking lessons on the Japanese tea ceremony.  By her mother’s recommendation, Noriko begins attending the Japanese tea ceremony near her house with her cousin Michiko (Mikako Tabe). There, Noriko learns from Teacher Takeda (Kirin Kiki).

Movie is based on the essay “Nichinichikorekojitsu: Ocha ga Oshietekureta 15 no Shiawase” by Noriko Morishita  and directed by Tatsushi Omori.

“Nichinichikorekojitsu” will be released sometime next year in Japan.

<via Asian Wiki>

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