The upcoming movie “Kenen” has its trailer recently released!Actors Masataka Kubota, Hirofumi Arai, Keiko Enoue and Miwako Kakei will play main roles. “Kenen” follows the story of Kazunari Kanayama (Masataka Kubota) is a sincere young man who works at a printing company. His older brother Takuji (Hirofumi Arai) is a violent troublemaker and spent time in prison.
Meanwhile, Yuria Ikuno (Keiko Enoue) is smart and runs her family’s printing business. She isn’t very attractive though. Her younger sister Mako Ikuno (Miwako Kakei) isn’t smart, but she is popular due to her attractiveness and outgoing personality.

Kentaro and Aisa Takeuchi will make cameo appearances in the film. Their cameo appearance will be as high school students in the movie “Koi Suru Kimi no Tonari niwa” (a movie in a movie like segment in “Kenen”).

“Kenen” will be released February 10, 2018 in Japan.

<via Asian Wiki>

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