Actor Wu Kang Ren graced a skin care product promotion conference, attracting over 100 fans last August 27 in Taipei.

During a brief Q&A,  the actor was asked about Chinese Valentine’s Day. The actor shyly replied, “Valentine’s Day is coming? I’m not a romantic man and did not prepare a gift”.

Recently, photos of him out shopping with Aviis Zhong, have been circling around the internet, wearing slippers, like an old couple.


When also asked about is plans of gettin married, Wu surprisingly said,“I‘m focusing on my acting career and will not marry in three years”.

Wu was nominated the best actor of the 52th golden bell awards for TV series “Love of Sandstorm” and film “We are One”.  He said he worked very happily with director Kitamura Toyoharu. Wu played a mentally handicapped man in “We are One”.


“During the 11 days, director Shih-han Liao let me play freely. It’s a wonderful experience”, he said.

<Source: MSN>

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