T.O.P has been sentenced to 10 months in prison and suspended for 2 years by the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office.

The sentence allowed T.O.P to still exercise his freedom outside jail, unless he goes against the prosecutor’s orders in a 2-year timeframe, he will go to jail.


“I have been suffering from depression for a very long time. I made a wrong decision and made a mistake that I cannot turn back. This happened all in the span of one week. That week is the worst time of my life and I regret it sincerely and deeply. I am ashamed of my self and will willingly take any form of punishment.” , said T.O.P

The trainee involved in the same drug case as T.O.P, Han Seo Hee, has also been sentenced the same, in addition to the order of drug counseling for also using LSD.

“Han Seo Hee was arrested for smuggling and buying cannabis along with LSD. She even smoked marijuana even after she was arrested. However, she acknowledges all her mistakes and crimes so that’s why we decided to sentence her to probation.” said the Prosecutor’s Office.

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