Fans are becoming worried for Ji Chang Wook, as the actor is set to enlist for his mandatory service. But here’s the catch: the “Suspicious Partner” actor has a lot of projects to complete before his enlistment.

“As a man living in the Republic of Korea, he will be enlisting in the military this year,” Glorious Entertainment, Ji Chang Wook’s agency said in a statement. “Before that time comes, he wants to repay the love of his fans through this meeting and give them an experience they won’t forget.”


One of the projects that Ji Chang Wook is about to work on after “Suspicious Partner”, is a voice over project with Kim So Hyun. The actor has been cast in the Korean version of the Japanese popular anime, “Your Name”.

Ji Chang Wook will be the voice of Taki, a teenager living in the city of Tokyo, while Kim So Hyun will voice-over Mitsuha; a girl living in rural Japan. The story will be about the two characters, who then, mysteriously switch bodies.

Alongside with this, Ji Chang Wook will also be celebrating his 10th year anniversary in the entertainment industry with his fans though a special and exclusive concert. The event, which is entitled “Jiscovery History”, will unveil the actor’s career and growth during the 10 years of being a successful actor in the entertainment industry.

The actor’s 10th anniversary concert will be on July 22, at 7pm at Olympic Hall in Seoul. “I need to fulfill my military duties first. When this drama wraps up, I think I’ll go to the army and then continue doing musical shows when I return,” Ji Chang Wook earlier said about his enlistment plans.

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