Yang Mi and Wallace Huo are starring in an upcoming Sci-film, which will be shown in theaters on June 30th.


逆时营救 Reset is an upcoming sci-fi action film about a researcher (Yang Mi, TLTWTMPB) and a man (Wallace Huo, Suddenly Seventeen) who kidnaps her son. Yang Mi plays as a single mother and researcher named Xiatian, who is working on a project that would allow humans to time travel back in the past. As the project is about to be completed, Cui Hu (Wallace Huo) kidnaps and kills her son Doudou (Zhang Yihan, Ah Li in TLTWTMPB), which eventually forced Xiatian to time travel back 1 hour and 50 minutes to save her son.


The film is also starred by Chin Shi-chieh (Princess Agents) as team leader of the research facility and Liu Chang (Castle in the Sky) as Yang Mi’s colleague Da Xiong.

Reset is produced by Jackie Chan and directed by Yoon Hong-seung, who also directed the recent Korean film ‘Canola/Grandmother Gye-choon’ and is also written by Zha Muchun (Buddies in India).

The film was screened at the Worldfest Houston in April, and Yang Mi took home the Remi Award for Best Actress.

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