Who wouldn’t know who Piko Taro is?

The “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” (PPAP) singer, who became famous worldwide, has managed to keep his celebrity-like status going well by having numerous appearances on TV shows such as  “Sesame Street” and even had collaborations with the Japanese government concerning social awareness programs.

Along with these, Piko Taro’s next project involves mixing of voice acting and ad lib comedy which give us an animated version of, well, himself.

“Piko Taro’s Lullaby Luullaby” will feature himself and he’ll be playing all the voice parts. According to reports, he is one of the producers for this project, and spearheaded the planning and musical arrangement (well, we’ll probably expecting fruit-based novel songs with LSS worthy tunes).

“Piko Taro’s Lullaby Luullaby” is based on a three-minute improv sketch by Piko Taro in the style of a fairy tale. The animation style is inspired by the work of animator Takashi Taniguchi, creator of such animated shorts as as “Dappys” and “Mori no Ando.”


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