So since I took some time off from the corporate world (Ohh yes, AREN’T HOLIDAYS A BLESSING TO CORPORATE SLAVES? *GRIN*), I finally enabled myself to be on top of my asian drama TV binging and to my surprise, some titles still haven’t released a new episode yet. Though that made me sad a tad bit, there are still some new titles I bookmarked just in case situations like this happen again. *insert evil laugh*

And to make this couch potatoing more fun (I made that word a verb, what the heck. Brits gonna kill me fo sho), I wanted to share the following ASIAN dramas that I am currently watching, so that you’d know the references of my social media updates. LOL.

(I am still thinking if I should do drama recaps, but let’s put that thought in the parking lot. I have a lot on my plate right now, so let’s see. 🙂



Fight My Way (alt: Fight For My Way)
Timeslot: every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 KST
Network: KBS2



This drama is a first for Geewonee (Kim Ji-won) to play the lead role. The first few episodes bored me a little–probably because I was expecting a lot–but Ji-won and Seo Joon’s chemistry began to develop in the next interesting episodes. I eventually got hooked, especially with that episode where they began to notice and see each other as a man and woman. *wink*

To be honest, I compared this drama to the Reply 1988 series (Mianhe!). But hey, you’ll get what I mean when you watch this one too yourself. 🙂


This is a story about young adults with third-rate specs just struggling to survive while fulfilling their dreams; and the blossoming romance between two immature friends Go Dong-man (Park Seo-joon) and Choi Ae-ra (Kim Ji-won) whose childish dynamic hasn’t changed despite reaching adulthood.

Suspicious Partner

Timeslot: every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 KST

Network: SBS


Oh my goodness, Ji Chang Wook is a hottie in this drama! No exaggeration, he’s oozing with manliness–maybe because the character suited him well. I didn’t notice Nam Ji-Hyun in this drama at first, as I only recall her in her country bumpkin face in Shopping King Louis (Okay, that made me sound like a bad unnie right there). But as I watched the second episode I immediately remembered her. Acting skills-wise, to be honest, her acting didn’t please me at some point. I don’t know. 😦

Noh Ji-wook (Ji Chang-wook) is a unique prosecutor. He is handsome, hard-headed and intelligent who strives hard to be successful. He is the perfect example of what a prosecutor should be. Later, he becomes a lawyer.

Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyun) is a prosecutor trainee. Once a former taekwondo instructor, she trained to become a lawyer. She is confident and strong, but naive. She is assigned to work under No Ji-wook.

They work together on a mysterious case involving a sly psychopath murderer. As they’re working as a team, they develop affection between them


Timeslot: every Saturday and Sunday at 22:00 KST

Network: OCN


I am currently on its first episode (as of this writing), but what I can tell you now is that I couldn’t help but have this impression that this drama is as awesome as the other action/thriller/suspense series produced by OCN. As a matter of fact, when it comes to these kinds of genre, I always rely on OCN and TvN as they frequently collaborate with the same writers of Bad Guys, 38 Task Force, Vampire Prosecutor, Nine: Nine Time Travels, and Voice– the writers whom I personally adore.

I’ll let you know my thoughts about this action drama once I get to finish one episode. 🙂

Story about Jang Deuk-cheon (Jung Jae-young), a hardened detective cop whose daughter is kidnapped. He starts to chase down the suspect using the one clue he has: Two men with the same face were at the crime scene.


The Perfect Match (lit: Need for a Perfect Match)

Timeslot: every Friday night at 10pm-11.30pm CST
Network: SET Metro


I love how Chris Wu works his way to play as an adorable chef and fiance in this drama. I am literally swooned by his sweet talks and his admirable way of explaining things as though he was talking to his real life wife–which makes me think that he’s naturally like that IRL.

I find Ivy Shao’s beauty captivating on cam, but sometimes her acting can be a bit exaggerated. I haven’t seen her yet on Back to 1989, so I am giving her acting skills the benefit of the doubt. 🙂

All in all, so far I like this drama and am currently on the 15th episode (FYI, when I get to watch a drama up to its 15th episode, that would only mean I find the drama worthy of my time).

PS: Ben Wu is playing as the second lead guy in this drama. I am mentioning it here because he uncanningly looks like Edward Ou (Chen Qing He) of Meteor Garden.


Edward Ou who played Chen Qing He in the Meteor Garden series



Ben Wu in The Perfect Match

Am I right or not? 🙂


Huo Tingen (Chris Wu) is a celebrated chef whose fine-dining restaurant is a destination for food lovers from all over the world. When Tingen stumbles upon comments on the Internet from people who can’t afford to eat at his high-priced restaurant, they blow his mind. Netizens claim that the culinary creations made by Wei Fenqing (Ivy Shao) at the night market are just as satisfying as Tingen’s Michelin-worthy food. Determined to debunk such preposterous claims, Tingen goes to the night market to find Fenqing and show her what true culinary talent really is.

Back To 1989 (Not really a 2017 released drama)
Timeslot: every Friday night at 10:00-11:30pm CST
Network: SET Metro

Here we go again. You guessed it right, it sounded like another Reply 1988 copycat, but hey, I am giving this drama a chance to prove its uniqueness, as this drama was said to be an adaptation from Huang Xin Jie’s (一念間) who was recognized and given an award at the 6th Television Scriptwriting Award for creative popularity award by Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development.

Okay, the first few minutes of its first episode bored me a bit but overall, it’s an interesting drama. Cute, in a way. 🙂 Also, a lot of people who have seen this drama said it was great but then again, Ivy Shao’s acting skills in this drama was unimpressive, unfortunately.

In totality, I haven’t gone through it really, but I’d be posting my thoughts about this drama, soon. 🙂


Chen Che doesn’t know who his father was and the topic is a taboo in the Chen family. When an accident threw him back to 1989, a year before he was born, he gets a chance to find out himself. Before he could locate his mother, he first meets her best friend, Ye Zhen Zhen, a wholesome girl who helps him navigate the past while he helps her land big clients with his expert knowledge of stock market trend. Through her, he gets to know his younger, happier “mom” and the possible candidates for his father. He soon learns the reason his mother never talks about his father, and he is faced with a dilemma: He must choose between his mother’s future and his very existence.


Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito (Trans: Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi)

Timeslot: every Friday at 21:00 JST

Network: NTV


The reason I am watching this drama is not because I’m a sucker for detective dramas, but because of Mikako Tabe *fangirling*. Most of her previous dramas were of the same genre but Deka Wanko was a weird one.

The story is interesting, but most likely might bore you if you are well spoiled to Korean drama pacing.


Due to an incident from his past, Higurashi Tabito lost his hearing, sense of smell, taste and touch. He only has his sense of sight left. Nevertheless, Tabito is a private detective who finds lost things using his sense of sight. He lives at a private detective office with his partner Yukiji Masahiko and daughter Momoshiro Tei who is not blood-related to Tabito. Yamakawa Yoko is a nursing teacher. She meets Tabito and Masahiko through Tei. Yoko asks Tabito to find a lost article which is important to her. Since then, Yoko visits Tabito’s office often. While trying to solve Yoko’s case, Tabito’s eyes become exhausted. His partner Masahiko becomes worried over Tabito’s condition. One day, Tei goes missing. To find his daughter, Tabito uses his eyes, but his doctor tells Tabito “if you keep doing this, you will go blind.”

Kimi Wa Petto (You’re My Pet)

Timeslot: Every Monday

Network: Fuji TV


Another TV adaptation of the manga of the same title, Kimi Wa Petto is a cute story of an editor of a well known newpaper who happened to adopt a young man. This drama might be familiar to you–it is because the manga has a Korean movie adaptation back in 2011, starring Jang Geun Suk.

I’ve seen the first episode and all I can say is the lead actress is such a beauty. LOL. Although I’ve seen some comments that some viewers preferred the 2003 version, still I would like to test my luck and watch this series all the way through the end before I comment on. 🙂


Sumire Iwaya works as an editor for a well-known newspaper. She goes through a difficult period after being dumped by her boyfriend and getting demoted at work. One day, she picks up a beautiful young man, Takeshi Goda, out of a box. Takeshi looks like her former pet Momo and Sumire offers to let Takeshi live in her home as her pet.

Based on the manga of the same name. There’s also a Japanese drama from 2003 and a Korean movie from 2011 based on the same manga.

This is quite a long write up. Let me know if you’ve seen or currently watching these titles as well and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!




Plot summaries







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