Jerry Yan and Zhao Liying were rumoured to star a drama based on Ding Mo’s novel, “You and Me in Time”, but things turned sour for these two.

The Chinese entertainment scene was in a hot buzz lately as there were reports that Zhao Liying’s fans strongly expressed their disapproval for the upcoming project. Her fans were unhappy upon learning the news and even criticized Jerry Yan as “old, ugly, and outdated” causing Yan to drop the role.

Ding Mo’s Allure Time You and Me (Literal Translation)

Yan’s agency has responded to the issue saying, “Jerry has already arranged and planned some projects beforehand and practically has no time to spare for this particular project. We hope that this issue is not intentional as we are hoping that these rumours would stop soon. Jerry has also expressed similarly on his social media accounts, adding that he will work hard for his future projects.”

I was actually looking forward to seeing this drama, especially that this project is based on a Ding Mo’s novel. *fangirl*

Oh well, looking forward to his next projects! Fighting, gege! 😀


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