I wasn’t really going to watch King of Masked Singer.

I was actually planning to catch up on the series that I have been following since May but given that the Viki app hasn’t uploaded a new episode during that time, I decided to browse on Viu and looked further instead and hence, led me to this interesting singing variety show.

Faux Marriage, Living Outdoors, and This

I have seen a lot of Korean variety/reality shows before. I must admit most of them are interesting  including We Got Married, Three Meals A Day, Fantastic Duo, Return of the Superman, just to name a few.

The truth is, I like these shows so much, but I couldn’t help but feel disappointed at some point as I am aware that these shows are scripted–and as much I would want  Wooyoung and Park Se Young to end up together IRL, I knew that my wishful thinking was a long shot in the dark. #HOPELESS


Although a program or show being produced is most of the time scripted (a basic TV show formula), I still find these shows I mentioned worthy to watch, especially if your mood throughout the day did not go well on your favor. Having experienced this kind of situation myself, it eventually led me checking out King of the Masked Singer (this is what I call my Eureka moment as I always get to know AND learn new stuff due to my excessive and incessant curiosity attacks) and surely, the outcome did not fail me.

Singing Skills and Identity Behind the Mask

To be honest, most contestants were endowed with the same timbre, style, and sound (it might be because they were singing in their language, or probably they share the same style) and because of these factors, I find it hard to determine who the person was, behind the mask, given the confidence that I might know them due to my dedicated following to Korean music (yeap, clinging on to familiarity).

I managed to watch a few episodes from the last year’s run, and I managed to watch Soyou, Hyolyn, Ailee, Gilme, and Whale participate in the show. The common denominator that I noticed is that they all looked and felt like a different person behind the mask. Some were surprisingly shy and some were oozing with self confidence. It must be the magic of the mask, well, psychologically speaking.


Since the 2nd round of the battle required the contestants to level up their game, I noticed that a ballad song is enough to win everyone over.

But forget about the aesthetics and skills—It was their performance that surprised me; all the more with their song choices and their weakened voices while on a note. I thought this was normal since it’s a ballad– anyone can be carried away with a ballad song. But I was surprised that I began tearing up as well, even though I don’t understand Korean at all!

Also, there was an episode where Hyolyn cried when rehearsing a ballad song for KMS and it was… aww.


So then after tearing my up my heart over the heartbreaks of other people (LOL), I ended up searching and researching Korean ballad songs from the 80’s up to present.

So here’s what I got so far:

Lee Moon-se’s Gwanghwamun Love Song” (광화문 연가 )  – Listening to this song reminds me of ballad songs my dad use to sing.

Byun Jin-sub’s “Becoming Alone” (홀로 된다는 것) – This particular song reminded me of a Filipino ballad song “Bawal na Gamot” sang by Willy Garte.

Byeon Jin-seop (변진섭)’s Like the birds – Probably spelled as ‘Byun Jin-Sub’, listening to this song reminds me of Karen Carpenter’s voice.

Jun In-Kwon (전인권)’s Don’t worry dear – Personally my favorite. I got teary with this one as I listened to this while reading its lyrics in English. This song is also featured in episode 03 of Reply 1988. Also, during the 52nd Baeksang Arts Award last year this song was performed by Jeon In Kwon himself & Hyorin (OHHH MY QUEEN!!)


Well, these tracks aren’t ballads but they are Cho Yong-pil’s.

This list is not complete without having Cho Yong-pil who is dubbed as the “National Singer” and “King of K-pop” and is basically a living legendary figure. His songs comprised of different musical styles and knowing how dedicated he is in music, he is able to adapt his songs to the trends of the general public.
Bounce (바운스) (2013)

Hello (헬로) (2013)

If you want more ballads and other musical reference, I suggest visiting these informative sites 🙂

Korean Culture Blog

Following KPOP

Hope you had fun discovering all things ASIAN as much as I did today! Hope to see you coming by for more. 🙂


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